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Chimney and stove sweeping - Legislation

Sweeping your heating appliance is necessary for your peace and safety, but it is also a legal obligation!

Indeed, whether you are a tenant or an owner, the legislation requires two chimney sweeps per year, one before the heating period and one during, for all installations using solid and liquid fuels (fioul, wood, coal). 

For installations using gaseous fuels, one chimney sweep per year is necessary.

wood stove
Why do a chimney sweep?

Cleaning your ducts firstly reduces your fuel consumption but also avoids any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or fires.

Using a palette of beaters passed through the ducts, the deposits are removed and evacuated using a large specialized vacuum cleaner.


The intervention of a professional therefore ensures that you have a reliable, clean chimney sweeping and an official certificate attesting to the good performance of your conduits. 

gas boiler
Boiler sweeping

All types of traditional boilers (oil, wood, gas, coal) with a power between 4 and 400 kW must be maintained at least once a year according to the law.

As with other flues, this sweeping is done using a hedgehog and a vacuum cleaner.

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