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Chimney sweeping obligations: what does the law say?


In France, a new law on chimney sweeping and maintenance comes into force on October 1, 2023


On October 1, 2023, two new regulatory texts (a decree and an order) on maintenance and chimney sweeping come into force. Their objective is to reduce polluting emissions: they will regulate the entrymaintenance, chimney sweeping and proper use of the device and will formalize a maintenance certificate.

The reason is that old and poorly maintained installations are still too large and users are not aware of the harmfulness of the emissions from their devices.

The rules are now set by law at the national level, and no longer by municipality

1 - The decree

From October 1, 2023, maintenance and chimney sweeping become an obligation of the Public Health Code. Decree No. 2023-641 of July 20, 2023 makes the annual maintenance of fireplaces and heating appliances as well as the sweeping of flues mandatory. All individual wood and pellet heating appliances are affected

2 - The decree

The order specifies the terms of application of these obligations, the list of maintenance operations, the content of the certificate and the information and advice to be provided. 




In short: Chimney sweeping is obligatory.He is recommended to do 2 chimney sweeps per year, including one during the heating period,when the annual consumption exceeds 6 cubic meters exposed wood log or 2.5 tonnes of pellets the appropriate conditions

When to do it? As for chimney sweeping Wood / fuel oil, it is preferable to do the first sweep before the first uses, and the second in full.heart of your period of use.

For chimney sweeping Gas, you can do it all year round, the end of winter and beginning of spring still being preferred.

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