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Pellet Stove Maintenance

MCZ - Klin.jpg

Maintenance of the pellet stove is mandatory once a year, it is an additional service to chimney sweeping.

This includes the complete cleaning of the stove, the inspection of the electrical circuits, the possible replacement of defective seals and the resetting of the hour counter / ton of pellets consumed.

We offer maintenance and sweeping of pellet stoves (MCZ, EDILKAMIN, PALAZZETI, TURBO FONTE, FREEPOINT, SUPERIOR, etc.)

Ramonage Occitan is also an approved technical station and technician for all brands of the MCZ group; (freepoint, brisach, cadel and red) as well as the QLIMA brand.

We can intervene to repair and replace defective parts.

Maintenance + chimney sweeping price: 240 euros including tax

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